Rhino 6 visualarq sections


Rhino 6 visualarq sections

Hatch patterns don’t resize properly in layout for non VA objects.

If I set hatch patterns for objects in the object properties-section properties tool panel they don’t scale correctly from one layout to another.

I have ticked the “resize hatches “ in the rhino options- hatches.

I have tried all views. From wireframe all the way to pen including hidden.

No idea why the hatches arent showing in print.


@seanSpace Can you send us a copy of the model where this doesn’t work? (visualarq@asuni.com)


Hi Fsala

Its with all my files. As soon as I go between scales it happens. Ill send one

(Enric Marquès) #4

Hi @seanSpace,

Yes, You’re right, section hatches doesn’t take into account hatch scaling, so they may use a wrong scale when viewed on details. We’ll fix this issue in a future VisualARQ update.



Enric that’s really not good enough. You guys need to let people know that I have been struggling for days at work under stressful conditions. Right now, visualarq is honestly just giving me more issues than solving.

Fsalla had suggested using 3d models instead of make 2d. This wont work without the hatches. Is any of this working in Rhino 5?

(Jon Vrin) #6

You’re right. . VisualArq not good enough. .it’s not for professionals architectures , it’s give me problems , nothing correct. . I think they don’t have an architect tester .


@seanSpace We have fixed the bug related to the hatch scaling on VisualARQ objects in VisualARQ 2.3: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.3 released


This is great news.