Make2D vs. vsPlanView questions

Some question, to deepen the understanding:

  • Do the VA plan/section views rely on Rhino’s Make2D, or is this your own technology, or a mixture?

Rhino Make2D cannot be aware of hatches defined in VA objects I assume, so it does not generate them. VA plan/section views however, do.

  • Do I understand it correctly that you are planning to support printing layouts/details containing VA objects to vectors (for DWG export etc.), saving the necessity of creating plan views?
    I’d like to introduce VA in our office (made some progress already), but there are lots of people who (have to or want to) work with AutoCAD, and getting nice curves plus hatches out of a Rhino/VA scene would be a central feature.

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Hi Eugen,

VisualARQ plan views do not rely directly on Make2D. We have a custom HLR implementation that is pretty similar, and internally call many of the same functions than Make2D. AFAIK, Make2D do not support text and hatches, while plan views do (althout in some situations, solid hatchs and texts will appear empty).

Currently, with VisualARQ 2, if you use the “Hidden” display mode and print to PDF in vector mode, VisualARQ will output vector lines. You can open this PDF back in Rhino and export it to DWG. The problem is that the output may be not as clean as you can expect.

In VisualARQ 3 we have plans to improve this feature, and also add commands to export layouts and details directly to DWG files.



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Thanks for the information!

Great news! This will make a real difference!