Section Cut SAP2000 with geogym

Hi guys ,
I have problems setting the section cuts in geogym for SAP2000.
I am analyzing a tall building with Diagrid + Core system and I would like to make section cuts in the core on each floor.
I tried to do this in the green block of the canvas but when I go to analyze the structure these section cuts set by me have a value equal to zero.
Could anyone help me?
Thank you for your time. (287.4 KB)

Hi Dome,

The issue is that you are trying to send two groups to create the section cut. The way our components work currently (which is not exactly in line with SAP and Etabs) is that if you feed in merged points and areas they will create two separatee groups, a points group and an areas group. Instead just select your areas group and pass that to the section cut.

Section cuts are a new feature so please inspect your results very carefully and let me know if something is not looking correct.


Thanks Nathan, so just insert the meshes for the section cuts? because even doing so I get results with zero value.

Hi Dome, I have attached the script. I do get the results output when I run all load cases and combinations in SAP. Please try updating to the latest version available on our website, as some recent enhancements have been made here. (288.5 KB)

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thanks, can you share the gh file? because what you shared is not inherent in this conversation.
thanks again Nathan.

Apologies, I updated the post with correct file.

I’m sorry Nathan but I don’t see any changes from my file.
Also the problem persists even though I have downloaded the updated version [ggRhino6SAP21 v1.4.35.msi (24th September 2020) v21].
I saw that you use Sap2000 version 22, could my v21 be a problem?

Hi Dome,

It could potentially be an SAP version issues although I do not see why it should make a difference. I would do some testing in SAP to try and get results. Even if you manually create one section cut and understand why no results are being given.

I noticed you did not have any self weight in your load combination.

Hope this helps. We can organise an online meeting if you are still having issues after some more investigation.


thanks Nathan, sorry if I didn’t answer but I managed to make everything work. thanks for the help

Great, let me know if you come across any other issues.