Geometry Gym - Creating Constraints


I am trying to assign constraints to specific nodal points using the ggSAPConstraintLocal component. Here is how I have my script set up so far.

The points component contains all of the points highlighted in green as shown below.

The issue that I am encountering is that not all of the points that are highlighted in green as shown above shown that a constraint has been applied in SAP. See below for an example:

This point should have “Rigid Body Constraint” assigned to it. Upstream of my script I made should that any duplicate points were removed prior to performing this operation. Any ideas as to why this could be happening?


Can you please confirm if this simple script works?

220415 gen frames local (16.9 KB)

If you can adjust it and make it not work and share back, that would be helpful.
Else I might need you to privately share your script so I can replicate to see why
the constraints aren’t working for you.

Hey Jon,

The script that you sent works just fine. Mine however still has issues. I will send you over my script through email.

Thanks for your help!