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Hello people , I’m trying to build a voronoi model on geomGym but I have this kind of problem message:
" 1. Solution exception:Request for generated beam has coincident node points and is ignored at node 335 0.0351584470178999,0.0351584470178988,44.9904789248804 "

it seems to be tied to some node but it is checked and there are no nodes alike.
I have analyzed the model with karamba and there seems to be no problem.
can anyone help me solve this problem?

Thank you for your time (152.6 KB)


This issue almost always comes from invalid curve inputs. You need to ensure curves are line-like elements which are longer than the Rhino unit tolerance (or a specified value for coincident nodes). You have some invalid curves with a 0 length as you can see from the image. If I get rid of these your structure goes into SAP beautifully.

Just FYI you can simplify your structure section property definition if you are only wanting a single section. The way you had done it creates a SAP Section Designer section which allows multipple sections. See images and attached.

p.s we do also provide direct export from Karamba3d to SAP if you were not aware.

Cheers (159.5 KB)

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thank you very much, yes i tried direct export with mesh elements in model too, but the structure behaved strangely.