My try with Bokeh


The entire image is actual geometry producing actual Bokeh. (Rendered in Bella-Rhino)



With some ‘secret sauce’ you can do actually bokeh also with Rhino Render and Raytraced (:

In advanced settings (Tools > Options > Advanced) you can find Blades and BladeRotation. Here one with blade count set to 3 using your tube model


Cool ! I didn’t know this, I’ll definitely have a look, Thank for the tip :+1: :slight_smile:

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The feature is hidden (read: not really supported, although it should work).


nice render~
nice render tip~
all of you ^^

This model can be found here :wink::

The frame and candles need to use “toSubD” to smooth them out first.

I don’t want to hijack Thomas’ thread, so if you want to split this out to another thread (not sure if I am able to do it myself) please do.

I am not sure if these Blades & BladesRotation values are available to plugin code (or maybe they are in the v7 sdk), but the question I have is whether there exists a high-level plan for implementing physically-based rendering concepts like these.

Take for example the Focal Blur panel and parameters, these have been difficult to deal with, because on one hand I want to take what Rhino provides and not duplicate it, but on the other, for example the f-stop gets greyed out when we are in “autofocus on selected objects” mode – and in that mode, I still want my user to be able to define their f-stop, so they can get the focus point from the selection , but still play with DOF. So I end up with a bit of a twilight zone implementation where sometimes you use the f-stop in Rhino’s panel, while other times, you have to switch over to the Bella camera parameters to control it.

For aperture blades control, these params are not (afaik) exposed, so I provide them, but at some point I imagine they will be, and I will have to choose how to deal with it – ignore Rhino’s, or get rid of mine, and have data loss when opening a file that was created prior.

So I guess I’m saying, the camera/view/viewport area in general feels haphazardly put together, and I wonder if there are any plans to refactor things to a more cohesive model once these various hidden parameters graduate to being officially included.


Agreed. As users we would benefit from developer collaboration towards UI consistency and the physical camera model is the way to go.

There are no clearly defined plans other than “improve everything render related”.

I’ll log YT items to record the issues you have mentioned and ensure @andy knows of your requests and needs (:

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Thanks, Sir. :slight_smile:

Right now plugin’s have their own fStop input box on top of Rhino’s. Can the two be synchronized ? Is it possible when we enter a value in Rhino fStop field to also auto-update the fStop value of the plugin; in another tab ? … and vice versa. Right now we end up with two separate fStops reported in two locations.

That may be possible, but it would be up to the plugin to do it (so I’ll look into it).

Logged a couple of YT items:

RH-64697 Blades and blade rotation GUI
RH-64698 Allow f-stop control with autofocus in use


Is it intended that the “autofocus on selected objects” mode has been removed in sr8?


This is on win10, 7.8.21196.5001, 2021-07-15.

I believe it is intentional. @andy, am I correct?

Yes -

Well for what it’s worth, when that was enabled I’d keep track of object selection and then use it to set focus distance as the view changed:

Rhino would disable the f-stop spinner in this mode, but my user could use the f-stop in my camera panel to set the DOF.

It would probably have been more useful to have the mode accept a persistent object selection instead of always switching whenever you selected something else, but it was still a useful mode, since the manual focus mode has to be re-focused whenever you move the camera.

So I guess the most likely outcome from this is that I’ll just stop supporting the Focal Blur panel, and offer my own versions of these modes.

IMHO anything we can do to work with JD will fall well within the plan to “improve everything render related”

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would you do a quick explanation of this and an example of how best to use the effect?
specifically how bokeh and DOF are different ( or can work together)

(If it matters) The way I work as a user is choose the exact angle and an fStop for which portion of the object I prefer focused and then pin them down with a NamedView save. If the object is deep Rhino can’t know which portion of it I want in focus.

To accomplish precise focus, I use one of my own old scripts (CameraLine) to extract a line between camera and target and measure the exact distance to the part of the object I want focused and dial it in manually … or directly manipulate Rhino’s camera target point (show camera) and would rather have that slide on the line I extracted. It would be more helpful if Rhino provided me with a way to do the sliding.