Diamond rings



nice render work! the diamonds would fall off though;-)
Did you use Maxwell for rendering?

They snap behind the little round balls of the posts, but yes, in real life these posts would be too thin to hold on to them and could probably easily bend out to the let the million dollar diamonds fall off :slight_smile:

I think the Saturn engine (in Bella) is very suitable for jewelry. It is capable of all gem internal reflections and dispersion at a fraction of time. (30min versus what would have been hours if tracing with full dispersion enabled such as in Maxwell)



This work is great. Are there any tutorials on how to render Jewelry in Bella?

For any physics based renderer (Bella, Maxwell, or even Cycles), this is more of a photography question.
If you have photographed jewelry, the light setup is similar; recreate it as a virtual set in Rhino.

In Bella dispersion and total internal reflections on gems comes automatically. Nothing to do really. There is even a way to use complex IOR for diamonds (basically measured data from real diamonds). Maxwell has that too.