Searching in the V6 Python editor help

I feel like there is somehting I don’t understand so please enlighten me.
The v5 python editor has a great help feature that opens up the help app, but in v6 it directs me to the web instead, and I never seem to find info as fast nor as easy as in v5.

I find it so much easier to search and locate stuff in the V5 python editor than in the V6 one. So discovering new features takes a lot of time. Thus googling it and finding a link to here is usually faster and easier :smiley:
I wish the old V5 help could be implemented insted of directing us to the web though.


Yep, there are a few posts on this - there was one from me relatively recently…

In general I understand the desire/need to have the help web-based (mobile devices and the like), however, the formatting and searching still needs to be as efficient as it was before, if not more so… I recently also complained about the general search of the whole developer docs site - it’s only good if you know exactly what you’re looking for, otherwise it’s a pain (IMO). In it’s current form, it’s a step backwards from previous Help implementations.


Ok, so it’s not just me. Because I can not see how I could have learned what I know with today’s solution.
Hope the masterminds come up with a fix

Hi Jorgen - your comment is specifically about RhinoscriptSyntax help, is that correct? RhinoCommon help seems far better in V6 (to me) … web and all. I just want to complain to the right person…

Actually, now I’m confused - probably my fault - RS double-click-on-an-item was not working a moment ago and now it does work to get me to the relevant topic on the web page - that much does seem to work fine right now.

@Holo - so just to make sure - rs the help content and access to it by double-click is- apart from being a bit slower to get there - working, correct? I’m trying to pin down the friction you’re experiencing - is it more in the editor itself that it’s harder to locate functions in the list?


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Yes that is right.

I have not tried RhinoCommon that much since it was to difficult to grasp for a frequent programmer like me, but RhinoCommon was about as difficult to understand in V5 as the Rhinoscriptsyntax is in V6 now :slight_smile:slight_smile: I am sure it makes sense for a hardcore programer who knows it all though.


For me, when I click on a rs.‘command’ and hit F1 I’d expect to be sent to that command. instead I just get sent to the top level of the Help web page and then have to use my browser’s search function (ctrl+f) to find the applicable command. In V5 F1 would send me directly to the applicable command. I’m not sure what you mean by double-click? nothing happens for me when I double-click on a rs.‘command’

Additionally, it would be nice to be able to hit F1 on a Rhino common command and be sent to that applicable command as well. For instance I’m not sure of a faster way to say find the API web page on Rhino.Input.Custom.GetObject() without googling it.


Hi Ian - that behavior is wrong and not expected, as far as I can see - I am taken to the correct topic here. So if that is what Jorgen & Mitch are seeing as well, that is indeed annoying and incorrect… It should go to the right topic on the web page for both rs functions and RC ones - it does do that here.

Ah - sorry - double-click does that, not F1, I see the problem now…


RH-43473 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate