My biggest issues/wishes for the new Pythonscript

Hi guys, I just have to let you know that i have a link to Rhino5’s python script help on my desctop because Rhino6’s is just not doing it for me. And I would never have learned as much as I can now if I had to start on Rhino6. And here are the main reasons and what i would love to see in the future:

1- When I need help on a topic I can no longer search alphabetically, but have to think about where you have hidden the command. And sometimes I even give up and turn to the web.

2- When I find it then it opens the web and it is much slower than the old help.

3- The web is much worse than the old help because when I search there then all kinds of things not related to Python script is being returned.

4- finding such a simple thing as what “filter options” GetObjects has takes much more time now.


1- Alphabetic sorting as an option to the categories
2- Being able to show all options by right clicking a typed command
3- Be able to click on the “See Also” options

Thanks for listening!


Two more wishes:
4- The ability to drag a command into the script, with all options, like in the gray area underneath.
5- The ability to click a command and make that pop up it’s help in the gray area underneath.
6- If I add an additional " , " in a line with a command that it then turn on the help in the gray area for that command.

Yep, moving the function definitions into module nodes in the tree control is pretty tough to work with. I’m trying to get some history on this change to understand why we made it. At a minimum it seems like we should provide an option to show the large flat list of functions.

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100% agree. I find it very hard to learn from the way V6 has it now…

We are listening and making some changes.

The latest online API docs have a dedicated search box:

In the next SR there’s an option to use local help:
The local help is a windows help file but not exactly the same one as in Rhino 5. In some ways it’s a step back but in other ways it’s better. We will continually improve it over time.

There’s more to do and we appreciate your feedback to continue making improvements.

Hi @Holo,

You can configure the editor to use the local help (.chm), by clicking Tools > Options Local Help. The local help file faster, and it is searchable.

Note, the rhinoscriptsynax tree was modified to show categories, instead of alphabetized, in order to help those who don’t know what they are looking (as opposed to you who does know what he’s looking for). If you know what you are looking for, the local will be of most use.

Does this help?

– Dale

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And don’t get me wrong, I think the category is a great supplement, but not a great replacement.
When working with in example Layers then it is great to have everything related to Layers visible.

I wish for the ability to right click on “rhinoscriptsyntax” and choose “sort alphabetically” or “sort by category”.
Or have a new tool at the top that toggle the two options for all “script languages”.

I put an image here for future reference.