Search shortcuts F3 & F4

Hello all, congrats on the new software, looks great and feels great.
One thing that I did notice immediately is that we can’t use our beloved F3 and F4 shortcuts anymore.
Is there a fast and easy way to find and place components on the canvas ?


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I’m curious: I consider myself an experienced Grasshopper user and never ever have I used F3 or F4. Is the F4 the same as double-clicking on the canvas? Or Space which some may use?
Or am I missing some serious god-tier hacks?

that might mean you are very well organized :slight_smile:

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Yeah I don’t know how you managed to place your nodes and find them during all that time, try it in Grasshopper 1, it will change your life

I have always double-clicked on the canvas.

Those times where I needed to find a certain component on my definition, I used the radial menu (middle-mouse-button) and the search icon. But I use that feature very rarely. From the same menu I often use the red lens kinda thing, which zooms to the selected component geometry in Rhino.

I agree, that the searching function of already placed components needs to be there in GH2 as well, but I was intrigued by the use those F-buttons I never use myself. I’m glad there are multiple shortcuts.