WIP - GH Component Panel Search (where?)

Hi all,

In WIP Gh, pressing F4 no longer searches the component panels for name matches (I’m not talking about the F3 find).

Q1: Is that an intended change?

Q2: What is the current method to quickly find components according to name?

Q3: There was a smart way of getting a new text Panel directly with a key or key combination, but now I have fogotten. Which one?

// Rolf

F4 should certainly still be available. Does double clicking on the canvas still work?
It is possible that the F4 short-cut has been changed. Can you check in the GH preferences Interface -> Shortcuts settings to see if the menu item for Edit->Create… is still F4?

Only via the popup Create… window. Here’s a list of all special text patterns that generate specific objects.

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First time when I open WIP and press F4, the entire screen is “magnified” (zoomed in extremely much), then I escape from that, and F4 is dead altogether after that. :frowning:

In Rhino 5 the F4 key works flawlessly.

Ah yes! That’s how it was. Thanks.

// Rolf

Sounds like something else is using F4 as a hotkey and intercepting the event. Peculiar it’s on Rhino6 only, but… Do you have any screen recording/screen capturing/presentation software installed that might have system wide hotkeys?

You could also change the F4 shortcut in Grasshopper to something else like F5, or maybe something involving Ctrl+?.