Can I get a shortcut to add a component in grasshopper?

Hi,I’m a beginner in grasshopper and I have a few questions about its shorcut.
Actually I was using blender for some archiviz work and its shading node is impressive.It just looks like grasshopper, but it’s much more convenient because they have so many editable shortcuts.
For example, they can press SHIFT+A to search and add a Node, which is similar to the Component in Grasshopper.
But when using GH, I have to use both keyboard and mouse to serarch for it.It’s a little more inconvenient because we have to transfer between two equppments (my english is too poor for me to explain it clearly, forgive me)
So I wonder if there is any plugin that can make it available to search for and add a component by using customed shotcuts rather than double-clicking?
Or, how can I use shortcuts to add an particular component( add a panel for example)?

(My English is not very good.If something I spoke is strange or wrong,please forgive me)
thx :slight_smile:

In Grasshopper Space bar will pop up the Canvas Search bar.

You can set a custom shortcut under File>Preferences>Interface>Shortcuts>Edit>Create

You can set aliases for any component from grasshopper toolbar:

If you can’t find your component on grasshopper toolbar make sure to enable Obscure Components from the view menu.

There are already some shortcuts and hotkeys available in grasshopper:


Oh it’s helpful