How to find out the component I need?

I am new to GH, sometimes I want to have a component to do my logic, but can’t find it either going through the menu bar or the tutorial. I wonder what is the better way to achieve my goal?

Any suggestions would be great to hear. Thanks.!

You can search for components by double clicking on an empty canvas area or pressing the space bar, but you need to know what word to search for.

Standard Grasshopper comes with about 1000 components, but they do tend to be categorised well, so if you need a curve editing tool, you probably don’t have to look at more than a couple dozen components before you found the one you need.

If however the component you want is not part of the standard set, then it becomes much harder. Searching Food4Rhino will get you somewhere, but it’s really hard knowing whether you’ve missed something.

If you can’t find it in after a few minutes, you may well have to ask here.