Request > space bar in GH

in this link it is obvious gh has the space bar as over lapping command.
it would be faster to use the space bar as shortcut to imminently open the text search > which will direct you to the wanted component.

(no needed double clicking the canvas every time hundreds time a day!Screenshot_159


This sounds very reasonable!

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Yes. I’ve set this up to an F5 command but I thought Spacebar would be better as well. or Enter.

how did you? please share :slight_smile:

File < preferences < Interface
And then you have a menu where you can set Shortcuts.
Then you can create a shortcut for “Create…” under the edit category

the create or edit thats what ive been looking and couldnt find.
i think i need to go into a text file and manually add

What do you mean?


cheers. i was looking inside rhino options!!! thnx

no option to add the space bar

I know, that’s what I meant when I said Spacebar would be better. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is now space-bar. Originally the space was used for the Radial menu because not everyone has a middle-mouse-button. I do agree it makes more sense this way. There will be an option in the Grasshopper settings xml for Rhino 6.3+ which toggles either Radial or Create for space, the new default is for Create.

It is however always in the middle of the canvas, not underneath the mouse.


can you guys extend the results of the create? with so many plugins today… 12 is not enough . cheers

What would be sexy is if you press space-bar and you get the radial menu. But when you then start typing it switches to Create.

Guys? Did you just assume my quantity?!

I’ll add another setting to the xml for adjusting the max returned results. You’ll have to edit it by hand though (or through a script component), I’ll post details here once it’s tested.


That might be weird since Grasshopper sends most keystrokes directly to the Rhino command line when it has focus.

Right. I thought for some reason I always had to click inside the Rhino window to be able to type a command there.

Just open the attached file in Rhino 6.3+ and it should work. The number of results is limited between 3 and 30. Not just in the UI, it’s a hard limit in the code. (3.1 KB)


i guess i will have to wait for 6.3

Kinda late here, now testing this in 6.3… Wouldn’t it be logical if you have one or more components highlighted that spacebar brings up the radial menu - but if nothing is highlighted it brings up the search field…?


That would be weird no? Selected components can be out of view, so you’d rarely be able to rely on the behaviour.