Search by key value from notes

I am building the library of the parts which are named by some foreign to me logic.
The file naming is simple and not allows for quick search or easy identifying elements, therefore I put some more elaborate description in NOTES.
These file notes can be read in explorer which is great, but is it possible to search through these notes in chase of particular value/phrase?

Notes can be retrieved with a python script.

Rhino - RhinoScriptSyntax (

For key value filtering I would suggest to use User Atributes and Elefront.

Hi Martin.
I am thinking of the solution that doesn’t require opening Rhino, just search within Win Explorer or folder content but maybe that’s the way to go: opening clean Rhino session and seeing what pops-up after entering search value.


You can see the notes on line 9 in the text panel.

While the notes are on two lines in the Rhino file, they are printed as one string. The notes would have to be formatted in a specific way…

I have to look at it closer.
You gave me a good hint. Thx

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