WISH : expose content of "Notes" to windows file explorer search

Windows file explorer displays both a thumbnail AND the content of the “Notes” for Rhino files.
Yet, it is unable to list Rhino files based on textual content…

In-text search works for most text files, including PDF files containing text, so why should it not work for text included in the notes ?

Is there a utility / 3rd party app that would perform this search ?

We plan to make GH definition that would copy the Block names list in the notes, so that we could easily find Rhino files containing certain parts…
I think that this could be useful for people generating large numbers of Rhino files.

And then search for “Apple” :

Hello ?
No one for allowing a convenient way to search for Rhino files based on key words ?
Really ?

I have created RH-41374 to track this feature request.

Hi Nathan,

Maybe it’s just as simple as adding the content of the notes in plain text in the Rhino file header ?
Then Windows might be able to index this text, hence the files would become searchable using key words.

By the looks if it we’ll have to create a DLL that implements the IFilter interface, then register it with the shell before such data can become available for Windows to index. This is the link to the MSDN I added in the YouTrack report.


Woahh ! No need for the rude language !
Do whatever you’ve got to do :slight_smile:
I’m just amazed that Windows can display the notes in the preview pane, but can’t use the friggin’ text.

Sorry, I have no idea how that is done (: Some more knowledgeable McNeelian probably will tell you once they see this thread…

I’m on my mission to better organize my files and this wish raised by the @osuire along with the same functionality for the Grasshopper files would help me tremendously.
I would love to create a custom column with Notes in Directory Opus so I can scroll through my Rhino and Grasshopper files and display some helpful pieces of information and of course use search too.

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Hi Guys
I have this fixed for me when I asked this forum for such thing:
find_notes.gh (6.9 KB)
find_notes2.gh (9.1 KB)
It reads the Rhino notes of multiple files in Grasshopper. There are two versions, you have to test yourself which is doing what.
I have been asking for ability of reading the preview thumbnail too, but didn’t get any help there.