Reference Rhino Notes Tab to Grasshopper

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone has experience with referencing user text generated in the notes tab of rhino into grasshopper. A reasonable amount of googling didn’t turn up much, so I’m hoping any pros out there can assist.

Thanks in advance

Hi Brett

Googling will get you nowhere.
Some time ago I needed it desperately and I turned for help on this forum and I got the solution which I am sharing with you. (9.1 KB)



While looking into the code of your script - I was researching some of the commands and found that this is another solution to read notes for the current doc:

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Seaching the forum for ‘notes’, you’ll find this…

Thanks Martin - I may have been using weak search terms as i was mostly getting more general results from my searches. Will focus on being more specific next time :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

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How to retrieve notes that contains multiple lines to create a list?

I replaced the unicode character 13 (line feed) and 10 (carriage return) with an asterisk and used the asterisk to split the text.

a = chr(int(x)+y)

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