Is there any way to add tags or metadata to a Rhino file?

…as you can with images? Didn’t see a way, might be handy if possible.

Thx, --Mitch

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Does SetDocumentUserText do you any good?

Does Windows Explorer see that? I’m looking for a way to sort/find certain Rhino files by adding metadata…

Thx, --Mitch

Ah… I don’t think WE will see that.

Add info to _notes and the notes then appear in windows explorer preview pane in win7. Just tested and that works, which surprised me. Might not be exactly what you’re after though.

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Hi Ncik,

can you elaborate a little bit please?
where did you find _notes?

I think you are looking for the Notes panel - either docked with the others or you can bring it up by typing _Notes.

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Thanks, never used the notes panel haha. I just tried adding some notes and saving the file.
I don’t see the notes in Windows Explorer though.
I just turned all the categories on in the windows explorer with no luck (manually :frowning: )

UPDATE: Don’t do this at home, as you’ll have to disable all the categories again.

I’ve used Notes a lot over the years and never knew about this, awesome feature! It seems to work alright on my system (Rhino 6.34.21034.7001 and Windows 10 Pro 2004) :


Wow - amazing and annoying.

Mine looks like this.

Looks like I have to turn on the preview pane, which, sadly, our IT policies for some reason don’t allow.

And I can supply that our IT has disabled it because the preview pane often locks files from being edited/deleted by other users. (Not a rhino issue, but a windows issue)

Yep, not a problem in a small office but can imagine it would be for a big office.

@sonderskovmathias - try turning on Explorer’s Preview Pane.

If it won’t turn on, perhaps you turn it on.

– Dale