Access Notes Outside of Rhino Instance

Hi Everyone,

I have written a script that places various information about the model into _Notes. I am looking to access this info, through a script, outside of a Rhino Instance. I noticed the information appears in Windows Explorer in a ReadOnly box under the PreviewImage. However, I do not know where to access this information; I can not find it when I right-click the file and go into the properties box. Does anyone have an idea on where this information is stored for me to access through python?


If you use the Rhino3dIo toolkit

you can read the notes from a file using the function

Rhino.FileIO.File3dm.ReadNotes(string path);

This would be easiest if you are writing code in C# or VB.NET. For python, you would have to use IronPython since this is .NET code.

Still works great!