Seamless Diamond Pattern


I would like to ask if it is possible to remove that line separating the diamond grid in order to have a seamless pattern since I want to take the centers of all the diamonds but now I can’t since the last connection is separated into triangles.
I am using the ‘‘Diamond Panels’’ from Lunchbox.

Alexandros (5.5 KB)

You could look here if it helps

You’ll need to set some settings for selecting triangle cells which lie on the surface seam.
Attachment is an example and there would be other ways of doing it. (17.6 KB)

If a mesh is ok,the easiest thing probably is to use the m+ diamond panels.

Another option is using ngon plugin.

RemoveLunchboxSeams_reV2(Ngon).gh (24.1 KB)


Hello Baris,

Thanks for your help. I will try out the m+ plug in. I never tried it before.

Hello Kim,

Thanks once again for your help. I didn’t know about the NGon plug in. Does it work with Rhino 5?
I can only find Rhino 6 version.


I’m afraid there’s no r5 version availabe.

No worries. Your first method worked fine.
Thank you for your time.


Hello Kim,

One more thing if you could please help me?
I can not get the Delaney mesh to work properly and when I move my center points over 1mm the mesh faces break. I suppose I am doing something wrong with the ‘‘Plane’’ option of the Delaney mesh but can’t get it right.

Appreciate your help.

Alex (16.1 KB) (16.6 KB)

Hello Kim,

Thank you one more time.
Your help is amazing.
Thank you for your time.