Lunchbox Pattern Issue

I tried to apply the lunchbox pattern to this ring below, it looks like the pattern miss the quadrant parts of the ring. Any way to fix it?

07 Scaling (13.3 KB)

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If you have rhino 6 ngon addon has the same subdivision and merges seam triangles.

My rhino version is 6.01, however, the ngon addon requires 6.1.1 or higher version. May need another way to solve it for now.

  1. Moved it to grasshopper category.

  2. Ugly workaround, but does the job. Con: it’s destroying the data structure, but you can rebuild it afterwards if needed.

07 Scaling (21.0 KB)

why you recreated circles and exploded the loft surface?

Scaling (13.0 KB)

If you search for the solution in the old GH forum, you can find several ways to remove the lunchbox panel seams. This is one of them. (23.2 KB)

And probably the most simpliest way for you is to use mesh+ plugin.

RemoveLunchboxSeams_reV2(M ).gh (17.6 KB)

Wow, the scrip looks a little complicated for me. I will take my time go through it. Thank you so much! Tim

Hi, Seighier. The reason I recreated the circles is that when I loft the circle I got a unsmooth ring like the picture below. Do you know why? It happens in my original scrip but works well in yours.

Thank you so much for your two solutions! You are a amazing man, Kim.

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Maybe the reason is preview quality

Kim is the Best !