Creating mesh using modify diamond pattern

I want create mesh using diamond pattern.
I’ve already created the necessary grid using the GH definition , but would like to use VB or Python.
Plugin “Mesh +” creates a similar mesh using VB. I tried to modify it, but my VB skills are not enough for a successful decision this problem. Attached * .gh file. I will be grateful for your help.
Using plugins: Mesh+, Kangaroo.

question grid (23.0 KB)
With kind regards, M.

If you do not mind using NGon, I was into this issue a while ago

Thank you for the answer. But this way is not for me cause input data are only points.
I want have a possibility to modify random step and to edit location of points.

It’s much easier to first generate the diamond mesh like Petras showed (or with C#, Mesh from Lines, or whatever) and modify the point coordinates after. Just deconstruct the mesh, move some verticies, constrcut again with same faces.
You could generate the mesh with vanilla grasshopper too, but the logic for a diamond mesh needs some if statements, so it’s really easier to create it from a surface and modify it after.

Okay. Petras, so can I get such mesh from points using plugin NGon?

Here’s one way without scripting…

question grid (14.5 KB)


Thanks. Interesting solution.