Help Voronoi remap on brep

Hi everyone! So I’m fairly new to grasshopper and i need to create a structure similar to this one (only the wooden parts) Times Eureka Pavilion / Nex Architecture | ArchDaily or this Gallery of Parlement Francophone Bruxellois / SKOPE - 1 on this polysurface:

I tried with voronize and it works, but then I can’t seem to give the voronoi cells any thickness by offsetting (i know about weavebird but the structure i want to create is not smoothed). I also tried converting it into a mesh and intersecting 3d voronois, but i have the same problem with the offset tool. I also tried to remap an extruded voronoi pattern, but it only works with rectangular boundaries…

Please help me! I’m going crazy!

Thank you in advance!