Sculpting with no plugins

Hi there

I am trying to figure out how to make a 3D sculpture in Rhino that looks like the linked picture.
I have no idea how to start, and I would prefer the method to be without extra plug-ins required…


I’d say that you don’t need any specific “sculpting” tools for this, just build basic surfaces from curves (Sweep 2, Loft, etc.) and then trim / intersect them to get the result you want.

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polforeman is right. These shapes have decently clear silhouettes that can be trimmed out with standard Rhino tools like wirecut, trim, boolean subtract will go a long way for starters. In this way you can work much like a traditional carver or patternmaker does with a block of foam or wood.

You can start with a polysurface cube. View the cube from one side and start drawing a curve that matches the silhouette of the sculpture. Position this curve in correct relative location and run the wirecut command.
It will help to have multiple views of the sculpture.

Good luck and have fun!


I will do it like this! Thanks for the quick replies!