Help turning a logo 3D

Hi everyone! I was tasked with turning this logo to 3D to build a kind of sculpture

What i did, was find the median curve for each segment, manually displace some control points on the other axis, made a few lines here and there for the width and made a sweep1.

It looks OK in the side view, but looking it from the front it’s really bad, you can tell it was made very… “manually”

Does anyone have any idea of a better method? I think the front view should look more like an ellipsis, or maybe use an helix somehow…

200.3dm (100.4 KB) (68.4 KB) (this is the illustrator file with the logo)

What is the intended outcome? Will it be used just for paper type uses or as you say a sculptural type piece to be seen 360 ?
Seems like you have to decide on how much depth it wants and such. I hope others can give more than I have. Best of luck. Mark

Yes, it will be seen in 360 as it will be a urban sculpture.


You could use a combination of helix and curve blending tools to get your guide curve where you want it then create your ribbon as a solid and flow that along the curve. This way you could actually get curvature on that ribbon along all three axis to give the ribbon a bit more movement.


Very nice, what are you rendering it in?

I’d use the same method as OSTexo.

It maybe easier to visualise it as a series of cylinders which touch at the quadrant and tangent to one another. Once you have the general set up you can create the helix and shapes accordingly, if you would like to amend it afterwards use the transform tools to squish and bend it.

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Hello 2DCube,

Thanks, Thea for Rhino, interactive render, let it cook for around a minute.

Hello 2DCube,

That is a very good suggestion, the cylinders that the curves were created from may also be able to act as guides for manufacture.

Thanks OSTexo and 2DCube, I’ll try your suggestions, I didn’t even considered to flow the full ribbon!