Script for labelling grid lines (horizontal and vertical)

Hi all/ @pascal
does anyone have a ghx or python script for automatically labeling a grid in horizontal and vertical directions? I’m looking for my (x) coordinate to be numbered, and the (y) marks to be labeled alphabetically.

Ideally, it would be something I could use in the text/fx pane: similar to the ‘label coordinates’ option, but where I could set my own starting point and linear array spacing for the text objects.

Hi Laura - is the grid an existing one that gets labels, or does the script also create the grid? This feels more grasshoppery than scripty, off hand - what inputs dop you want to give it?


Thanks for the response! The grid already exists, and just needs labels. If it’s easier to re-create a grid in grasshopper as part of the labeling, that would be fine too!

This is what I’m going for:

@laura2 - can you please post or send me a grid or two?