Wish List: Grid snap for Grasshopper Canvas

I would dearly love to be able to set a “grid snap” style setting on the Grasshopper canvas so that it would be much easier and faster to align components.

A simpler version of the grid snap options in Rhino would be perfect.

I have the AutoGraph plugin installed and was very excited to try it, but so far I haven’t been able to get it to conform to the layout pattern I prefer for my definitions.

A very simple grid snap is all I would like to see. As it is I find myself zooming in and out all the time to tweak component alignments. I know it makes no difference to the performance of my algorithms but it certainly makes a psychological difference to the readability of definitions when I see components aligned together cleanly.

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Hi Leo,

since components tend to have very different dimensions and often even different spacing between the input and output grips, I doubt that a grid snap is going to be very useful. What is needed I think is an object snap, like the current horizontal wire snapping but much, much better. It needs to pay attention to multiple wires, horizontal and vertical spacing, left/right/centre alignment of components and probably a few more things.

However maybe I’m confused about your suggestion, how do you see this grid snap working? Is it tied to the visible grid on the canvas? What corners/points of components snap to which points?

Also, don’t forget about Mr Sparkle. If you’re not already using these features…

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Hi David, I can see from your reply that you’ve already put way more thought into this issue than i have, and I should just step back and offer encouragement for you to keep the issue in mind during your development work.

You’re bound to come up with something way cooler than what I was thinking of.

I was imagining something fairly crude, like the option to limit the component horizontal and vertical sizes to multiples of 5 pixels or 10 pixels or something like that. Then with say a 10 pixel grid snap function on it would be very easy to just line components up by eye like it is when you have grid snap on in a Rhino view.

Thanks Anders, I do use those functions regularly and they are very handy!