Create Linear Grid

Vertical Linear Grid on (6.5 KB)

I am trying to get the grid on the surface to be vertical. And not go along the geometry of the surface. Attached are some screenshots of contours, showing the direction that I would like the grid lines to be in.
Any Help will be highly appreciated!!

Thank you!!

Vertical Linear Grid on (10.9 KB)


Thank you!!

Attached is the further version of what I would like to do with the vertical divisions. I would like each of the panels to rotate on its own axis / mid point as shown in the screenshot.

And the Script attached.Variable Panelling_Vertical (11.3 KB)

Thank you in advance.

Use rotate component. For center of rotation put the center points. Just read a bit the input description of components.

Hi Michael,

The Grid on the above image needs to change to a Vertical Grid and then allow for rotation. As mentioned on the earlier post. Attached are images again.

Thank you.

Contour, Split surface, Get centers of splits, rotate. Give it a try and post your efforts.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the guides. It worked perfectly!
Attached is the screenshot.
Thank you!