Ordinate dimension component

Is there such a component? I am looking to do this with input from a spreadsheet or lines in Rhino. I have an annotation style that delivers exactly what I want this to look like and it performs well in rhino. I just want to automate it through Grasshopper.


Point Oreinted?


I have the points I need for the dimensions from the Rhino model. I have the text I need for the numbers from a spreadsheet and can locate those to the points. The red numbers in the image

I can currently produce in layout. I need to generate the black numbers. What I don’t have is the ability to rotate the text around the points correctly OR to provide the alternate (decimal inch) numbers below the primary (MM) format. My Ordinate dimension style does this perfectly.
I’m not sure how I could make use of your suggestion to achieve this. Thoughts?

Without any code/geometry from you, there isn’t much to do but guess, which is usually a waste of time. Typically you rotate a plane as you wish before passing it as the location to a text tag component.

I can’t provide geometry or code as both are proprietary. I will explore your idea of rotating planes for the texts. Thanks for your input.

There are ways to post fragments without revealing anything proprietary.

Here are some recent examples of orienting planes for text tags: