Scaling Surface composed of Multiple Faces - Voronoi Skeletal Mesh


I’m trying to createt a skeletal mesh from this mesh:

So far, I’ve been using this file to do so: (68.0 KB)

The issue i’m having is that the inerior of the resulting mesh is what I want, but unfortunately, its creating a skeletal mesh from the numerous exterior surface faces, almost creating a screen. Ideally, I want the skeltal mesh to be where the voronoi surfaces intersect with the original mesh:

I hope this all makes sense. I’m slowly learning Grasshopper but still pretty new to this.

Thanks is advance!


You didn’t internalize your base geometry nor posting your 3dm, so the file you posted has been useless for now…
Anyway, you can make intersection curves by using MMX or BBX depending on your type of base geometry.
And you could do curve thickening by using plugins like dendro.
In the attached def, I used subD as a base geometry by using the multipipe command in R7

Thickened (27.7 KB)

Thank you for your response!
I editted the original post with an internalised geometry so the file should work now.
Using MMX or BBX didn’t occur to me, although I’m unsure how to attribute that to the existing scaling operations since its scaling the faces.
I was able to work through Dendro with my base geometry in a work around fashion: (8.0 MB)
It got me a nice mesh I should be able to work with:

Although, I enjoy the shape of the mesh I was recieving on the interior of thee first method: