Brep on this GH algorithm (Voronoi Generation on shell structure surface)

i found the post " Voronoi Generation on shell structure surface"

I read through the post and to assign Brep, should I extract the surface of a sphere?
what would be the Brep for this algorithm?

Screenshot 2021-01-07 094209

I assigned Brep to a sphere in Rhino. The file needs loading time. For some minutes it shows as Not Respondng, but i let it run and it worked

Have a try dendro plugin. It’s faster than Cocoon

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Hi Kim
thanks for the suggestion. I tried using the Dendro on my Brep (after converting it to Mesh0, but vCurve showing error. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

here I attached Gh and 3dm file

cocoon GH Parah 0108 (22.9 KB)

Cocoon GH Para 0107.3dm (246.2 KB)

Mind the error message and adjust some parameters till you get the result you want…

cocoon GH Parah 0108 (117.8 KB)

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Amazing Thank you. It works!