Scaling problem -

I am trying to reproduce a downloaded 3ds object which was dimensioned in mm, ( but any changes I made assumed I was entering centimetres) . I then scaled the object created to the inch size I wanted. Now when I dimension a feature it gives me the proper 18" size, but the part does not match the grid ( it shows as two inches high), and the dimensioning is outrageously large (larger than the part)… My units in options are inches for Model and Layout. My model space scale is 1. When I change Model space scale to .1 then the dimensioning is appropriate. How do I fix it so that the model matches the grid, and the dimension is appropriate for the model?

Hi Ronald - it depends what you mean by this - if there is a particular point that should match up to the grid you can move geometry using object snaps - probably Vertex in this case - to any grid intersection if GridSnap is on.

Can you post the model, or send to, with a link back here in your comments?


Window frame N120719.3dm (7.1 MB)

It looks like it’s dimensioning in mm when I want inches.

Hi Ronald- in DocumentProperties > Annotation style, you can set the units as you like -

Since the object is on the origin, use Scale, set the base point at 0,0,0 and then type in the propotion to scale - to inches would be 25.4, that will get you an 18" wide object. You may want to mess with the dimension text sizing.


Yes, I just figured it it out when I recieved email. Thanx