Scaling pipes to differnt heights on a brep

Hi, I am a beginner of Grasshopper. I am trying to map some pipes with different height on a brep surface. I have a script for making the patterns i want on a flat surface. But i don’t know how to map it to a brep. I made a script allowing me to make the pipes on the brep surfaces but i could’t figure out how to change the heights. I have tried to use attractor points to scale the height but i didn’t see any changes. Also, the attractor points method doesn’t seem to be the best solution since the shape will not be as smooth as what i want. Can anyone help me with that? i’ll attach all of the materials below. The rhino file is too large so i’ll attach the share links instead. Thank you!!!

MDL_wave_form_finder_2018 (1).gh (12.8 KB)
sphere pipes (20.5 KB)