Solid intersection between two extrusions


is there a possibility to make only the height on my breps changing depending on the curve closest point not the whole size of it.? I have a base surface which I need to divide into same size in section (base of all of them should be square 3x3) but they should vary by the height depending on the curve closest point.

that’s what I have for now.

Also I need to get from two extrusions just parts of them for my final shape

and I would like to choose only the higher breps from both extrusions. Is it possible? I know I can just simple delete them in rhino, however each extrusion in my case has 399 elements so it’s quite time consuming …

Looking forward for some advices

Upload your file. Much easier and faster to help you.

If I understand you right:

If you don’t want your base curves to scale by attractor. you shouldn’t scale them by attractor … (before Extrusion)

If you want to cull by height, you could deconstruct brep -> list item (top and bottom)-> area->distance from top to bottom center-> larger than->cull pattern (36.9 KB)

thanks for comment @tim.stark so I should move attractor point after the extrusion and then it should just affect the height?

please internalise data (right click on component-> internalise data) of your input geometry (rhino curve, surface etc)

right sorry my fault (1.1 MB)

I hope I understood what you wanted.

Red is the first attracted Surface, yellow the second, and green are the higher ones from both.

_final (1).gh (1.1 MB)


Oh thanks so much.! yeah that was what I was talking about. but do you know how I can chose just the top surfaces from both extrusions.? I mean in all the places there are two shapes one over another and one is from one extrusion and another from second - is there an expression that would analize both extrusions and chose the higher surface.?

The green ones are the higher ones… to get just the top Surface -> deconstruct brep-> faces -> list item

oh ok thanks.!