Scaling material texture and bump map

Howdy pard’ners. I’m working on a stained glass window with multiple smaller glass pieces. I’ve applied a bump texture to a transparent material, and applied it to the grouped objects. However the bump texture has scaled per the object size; little bits of glass get a scale the texture down, and vice versa. Please see attached image.

How do I achieve a consistent texture scale across all of the pieces?

Hello- one way is set the texture to use WCS/OCS mapping rather than Mapping Channel 1 - you can then set the size of the texture in model units and it will be consistent.


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That’s it! Many thanks Pascal.

Hi Pascal, follow up question: is it possible to scale the texture and bump of a material simultaneously? Right now I’m setting the texture to be the scale that I want, and then adjusting the bump to match that number.

Hi @DJS ,

Yes, you need to switch the Material panel to Tree view through the right click options for the thumbnail area. Then you can drop down a material and select multiple texture maps in it at once to edit their settings in unison. I also prefer Tree view over the default Grid style as the previews generate faster too.