Scaling issues when changing units


when I try to change to different units in Rhino (from Meters to centimeters for example) some visual ARQ objects don´t scale properly. Especially doors and windows are making trouble. Also some walls.(But not all of them ?)
As info: I tell visual ARQ to scale the styles in the pop up menu after the unit change.
I could not locate the source of the issue for doors and windows, but for some walls the height seems to be scaled wrong.
(in the example with a multiplier of 10000 instead of 100) Maybe it gets scaled twice?
For the doors and windows, there seems to be one or more hidden parameters out of scale, because they look kind of deformed.

Anything I can do about this?
I need this to copy to another project.

@mkiba Make sure you have the latest VisualARQ version. There was a bug related to this issue that was fixed in former VisualARQ versions.
In case you have the latest version (1.9.4), can you send the model you are scaling to We will check it out and try to reproduce this error in order to fix it.


I have recently purchased VisualARQ 2.0 commercial and seem to have a related issue.
I created a new window style with 885mm x 1400mm structural opening.

VA displays it as 885 x 1350. When I adjust the properties I can key in 1400mm but only get 1350mm or 1450mm.

Any thoughts on this?



Hi @Prettypicturegirl,

Can you please attach here a sample model with this window style? Or send it to if you don’t want to share it publicly,.



Window.3dm (1.2 MB)

Hi @Prettypicturegirl,

In VisualARQ, window height is the distance from top to bottom of the hole. Then, all window components will be fitted inside. In this window style, there is a sill component that has a thickness of 50mm, so the final height for the frame + leaves will be the total height minus 50mm.

The problem is that this windows is not inserted in any wall, and the sill component is not computed, as it requires a host to know the sill depth. Maybe we should add a “default” size for the sill in case it is not inserted in any wall, to avoid confusions.

If you want to use this window without inserting it in a wall, just edit the style and remove the sill component.



Understood. Good idea with the default size as well.
Especially in the yachting projects we use components occassionally without a VA wall.

Thanks for the fast reply.