A) Disappearing Clipping Plane B) ObjectScalingBug,


(Djhg) #1

A) Both the attached versions of this project (which are almost identical) have 2 clipping planes, assigned to the layer with that name, located where the sections are, but they have become invisible and unselectable in the second version of the project. One can be seen to be active in the front view in both projects, and now I don’t know how to make them active anywhere else.

B) The other significant difference between the two versions of this project attached at the end of this post is that an incremental save somehow caused the VaObject bed to arbitrarily scale up. I had the same experience last week with objects inserted in the Savoie tutorial model.
Before the save:

After the save:

Version1 - SetDraftingTest1 005.3dm (12.0 MB)
Version2 - SetDraftingTest1 006.3dm (11.9 MB)



A) In file 1, I can see there are 2 clipping planes in layer “Clipping plane”. In file 2, those clipping planes are in the layer “CentreLine”, that is hidden. Perhaps you moved them to that layer by mistake…

B) That’s very strange. I see the bed oversized in both models, and I can also see that in both cases a wrong scale factor. Just some questions:

  • Were those objects Furniture objects that come with VisualARQ template (I mean also in the Ville Savoye project)?
  • Or they were new styles you created?
  • In that case, were they created from blocks or from GH definitions?
  • Are you sure it happened during the Autosave? If you can reproduce this behavior, please let us know.

Meantime we will investigate this further.

(Djhg) #3

A) Thanks. All I needed to do was turn all the layers on to find it! Working too late…

B) You see the bed oversized in both models. That is very strange because for me the “005” model still opens (downloaded from the forum) with the bed properly sized. Maybe it is the scaling of these objects (or objects of this type) that is unstable. This has happened before with all the objects to be found in the “furniture” section of the standard Va install - after I scaled a project from mm to feet/inches, and those objects did not scale. That may be related. The template for this project was made from that one. (I made the template that way because there’s only one style of each type of object in the Va Feet/Inches template. It’s why my text is so large, as you have commented on.) If you have any advice, I’d appreciate it. The bed enlarges each time I reopen the project (which is is happening ofteeen with frequent crashes working with text styles today) and each time I have to reinsert it.


Looks like objects created from Grasshopper definitions don’t scale properly when changing the units of the document. We will fix this.

If you start a new document from a VisualARQ - feet template, (they are stored in the same folder as Rhino templates) don’t you have the same Furniture styles library than you can find in Meters template?
Another way to exchange styles from one document to another (without having to change the document units) is by exporting the styles (with the vaStylesExport command) and importing them into a new document (with the vaStylesImport command). Take a look at this post: http://www.visualarq.com/support/tips/i-cant-see-the-library-of-visualarq-object-styles-why-how-can-i-load-them/

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That was a helpful question, Francesc, thanks! Having been learning for weeks using the project from the Savoie Tutorial, which starts with a Rhino template, this is the first time I’ve neede to use a VirtualArq template. I have been starting new projects with the templates available at Rhino Startup, not recognizing that was only the Rhino templates. The VirtualArq templates are only available for File>New. So I learned about importing styles quite well because (thinking only metric projects were available with all the objects) I’ve been importing everything into this Imperial project (except the default objects available in a Rhino project) from the Savoie Project.


Well, VisualARQ templates are actually available from the Rhino welcome window too, but they are a bit hidden and you may need to use the horizontal scroll bar to see them.

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Ah. Very good to know. DIdn’t see that horizontal scroll bar.

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Regarding the bug wrt furniture scaling, I am hoping that exploding these block items will stabilize the scale. But I’m finding that when exploded, those objects will only respect a viewport-specific setting to print line colour “By Layer” in a perspective view. In an ortho or generated view, the line colour has to be set by object or the print colour will only match the global layer line settings.