R6 scale bug?

Trying to scale the curve in this file. I use the scale command, select a corner as a base point, type in a scale factor and the curve moves rather than scales. Same behavior for the poly. Scale1D and 2D seem to work fine.
KIOSK.3dm (87.8 KB)

Hmm, seems to work OK here on both the curve and the polysurface… Tried Scale with various factors from a number of different corner points, they always stayed “anchored”…


Well, that’s bad. Now can someone tell me what’s going on with the edge display at the base? Same file with more modeling.
KIOSK.3dm (149.7 KB)

Hi Dennis - on that one the polysurface is ‘horked’. Did you use a sub-object selection on that top edge or something to scale the edge? I’d extract (ExtractSrf) those ends, delete and Cap to clean up.


Yes I did make changes using solid points. This doesn’t happen on the same object in Rhino5.

Hm - so far that works here in V6 on a similar object…


So what do I do? This is the first serious (money-making) project I’ve done in 6 and have found 3 bugs in the first 1/2 hour. I had to revert to 5 just to finish. This is bad.

So this morning, I worked in the same file and scale worked correctly. The display of the isolines in the right view in wireframe were also correct. Any thoughts?