Scale 3d-or make bigger all (6) sides for 10 mm

Hi, I should enlarge this object from all six sides to 10 millimeters. I know there are more options, but I still ask, there is always something new to learn. Thank you

See Scaling Issue - #6 by John_Brock

Hi mbarlett, tnx for link, but, they says "

  1. Type SelAll
  2. Type Scale
  3. For a base point, type 0
  4. For the scale factor, type 1/200
  5. Type ZEA

Why scale factor 1/200 what that mean?
What is “ZEA”?

If you read the previous comment, He wanted his objects to be 200 times smaller than modeled.

ZEA is ZoomExtentsAll viewports.

I think for your example, see comment #8:

If I have an object of some random length, then I select one end as the Base, the other end as the reference, then type the length I want those two points to be when scaled. Rhino is calculating the scale factor for me.

Most people don’t understand the prompt, “Base point OR first reference point”

Hi John, tnx for helping, but I still not understood, here is video. What I doing wrong?

scale factor or first reference point.

Hej Dragan -

I think you haven’t clearly defined what you are trying to do.
The Scale command scale an object with the same factor in all 3 dimensions.

I don’t know, but, perhaps you mean “by 10 millimeters”?


If so, you can run the Scale1D command and, for the second reference point, type the current length + 100. You can probably also use the BoxEdit command…

Note - you are running an old and cracked version of Rhino.