Scale and PDF

I have a drawing done to scale i need to place it on top of another drawing in the same Cplane but the bottom drawing i want to keep to scale and the one placed ontop reduced … But when scale it the drawing measurements alter to the scale that i have reduced it to… Is there a way of scale with no change of measurements on to drawing … Also i have a 1600mm wide printer i would like to print the Pdf exported file to scale it there a way of doing this ?/




For the first question.

I know this is an old post and probably you found a solution,

But for anyone else who has this problem,

there is a workaround for this and that’s by double clicking the dimension value in the scene, a small dialog

will appear that lets you write a custom value, type in the same current value then click outside.

Now the dimension will show the newly created value, also it will remain as it is if you scale it, since it’s a

custom text now and not a real dimension driven by the geometry.