Struggling to Import Plans at True Size

Hi All,

I am trying to import a floor plan and a section at 1:500; of course, I also wanted to import a matching scale bar, but I don’t think that I know how to use the Scale command properly. Stuck in a bit of a loop, because if I can’t scale my jpeg of a 1:500 scale bar to its correct size, then any floor plans scaled using that bar are inaccurately sized… please help. If I save image from Microsoft Edge, how do I “tell” Rhino to import that picture at its true size?

Thanks in advance

Hello - you can use Scale, set the base point as precisely as possible on the pixel at one end of the scale in the image, then place the first reference point at the other end, zooming way in to find the precise location, then type in the actual length that you would like the image to have between those two reference points, and Enter.


Ok, I screen recorded a clip. Is this what you mean?

Hello - I am not certain I am accomplishing what you need here but say you need two points on the image to be 50 units apart -

I scale the image and then measure using Distance. Is that what you need?


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Ah, exactly! Many thanks as always, Pascal.