Wish: Scale1D to accept - and + distance after first reference point

Hi @pascal,
it would be great if Scale1D (and 2D and 3D) could accept + or - distance as value after first reference point. I often need to scale things down with say 15.5mm and if the object is 373.43 long it can be tedious to do the math. Or make a line, turn on controlpoints, move one point 15.5mm and then use that as a snapping object and then delete it.

So I would really like Rhino to accept -15.5 as input.
Same goes for +15.5 of course, to make it 15.5 longer. And 1/7 to make it 1/7 the length would also be great, since pulling up the calculator to figure out that 1/7 is 0,1428571428571429 and then copy and paste that is tedious too. Multiplying is easy though, but it would be nice if *7 could be added for coherency for the users though.


Hi Jorgen -

Gumball can do this, so I imagine it is possible, though of course the input is not the normal Rhino command line (type “+10mm” or “-10mm”)

That works now if you type it at the scale factor prompt - i.e. withoout the reference point pick.


Yeah, gumball is great for many things, but not for quick scaling along a direction in space that isn’t along xyz. (Moving and rotating the gumball to do this takes too long time to be efficient IMO)

Can you please bring the wish forward for me?

Nice, I tried and failed, it but then I must have picked a ref.point by old habbits… ( I see it works now)

Hi Jorgen - yeah - it is on there, thanks.

RH-68659 Scale commands: Accept +units


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