Scalable Grasshopper Slab Style

Based on the VisualARQ Slab Grasshopper Styles Tutorial I made my own corrugated iron roof definition in grasshopper and imported it as a custom gh slab: “Wellblech”

Up to that point all works well, I’m able to work with it, modify it and use it as a slab or roof.

The problem is, that I can only control the slab dimensions by manualy typing the Span and Width dimensions into the slab properties box. It does show the bounding box just like with all other slabs but when I move the corners or scale the element, only the bounding box moves and the element stays the same…

Is there a way for me to link these two dimensions to the element bounding box? It would be great if the script could somehow get the slab size on a “per object” basis.


M (34.0 KB)

Hi @7556,

Unfortunately for now the only possibility is to insert slabs from Grasshopper styles from a single base point, and its shape should be controlled from its parameter values. In future versions we will add support for several insert points, so it can be handled like regular slabs.

Kind regards

Hi @RamonC,

Thanks for your reply.

Would be great to see that functionality added!
Even if it is only linked to one original base point, if there was a way to use the bounding box size (not sure what the correct term for that black rectangle is) as an input for the slab parameters, working with scalable custom slabs (rather than fixed slab elements) would be much smoother.

Good to know that it’s on your radar, thanks.