Saving your work environment

Hi there,

I’m a real newbie, trying to work out how to save any customisations to my workspace and any other settings when transferring to a new computer. I found this article on saving your workspace, but am unable to follow it, presumably because it doesn’t apply to Rhino for Mac? It says: ’ Go to ‘Tools> Toolbar Layout’ (or ‘Options>Toolbars’ ), highlight the default file in the upper right window, then click ‘File>Save As’ from the menu and give your changed workspace a new, recognizable name.’

I don’t seem to have ‘Toolbar layout’ under Tools, not ‘Toolbars’ under Options…can anyone tell me where to find them? Also if anyone can advise a way to save/export my customised commands I’d be grateful!


Copy the com.mcneel.rhinoceros.plist file, either manually or via commands.

_ExportPreferences (Export file .plist) Later with the _ImportPreferences command you can decide which preferences to import. (Basically what he recommended @ec2638 )


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Many thanks to you both for your help! Perfect