Saving your workspace

i have looked around rhino and maybe im missing it somewhere. is there a way to save your workspace as a file so i can take it to another computer, open it and have everything setup like my main computer? i found where i can save toolbars but i am looking for a complete workspace save. viewport properties, colors, tool bars, etc…

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This page might give you some info on transferring your settings - there’s no one-click solution unfortunately. --Mitch

Thanks that was very helpful. Its funny though becauae rhino has a tool for about everything yet a simple “export workspace” is somehow missing…strange

This is something I’ve been lobbying for as well and hopefully we’ll be able to make it easier eventually. Here’s the feature request for future reference.

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Thanks brian!

This would be helpful. It doesnt happen to me but for instance i have a friend who goes into work, walks into a big building with a ton of computers in it and he just has to sit down at one and start working. Programs are all on the computers but he needs to be portable so he can work in any part of the building. All or most of his software has to be able to save his working environment and file which he can just keep on a flash drive or portable hd.

Yeah, not going to work with the current iteration of Rhino as most of the settings are stored in the registry under HK_Current_User. That stuff does not travel or transfer easily. I know the system is being re-examined for V6… --Mitch

This is not a deal-killer, but its way up there on the inconvenience scale. As someone who has multiple computers AND teaches a weekly class, I have spent way too much time tweaking the UI.

Unfornately, the feature request says “v7”, not “v6”.

I know the thread is old, but is there a solution for this in V6?

+1 This is an excellent idea. One file? Wow.