Saving panes as well as toolbars

Sorry, this is a question I suspect there’ll be a very simple answer to. But using Windows Rhino 5 again after six months of Mac, and things are a little different than I remember them.

Saving toolbars not a problem: there’s a lot of information online about it, but surprisingly little on saving panes like Layer or Properties, or the size of your command line. I thought this might be because it all folds into workspace, but it seems not to be so. I’ve followed the various tips for saving my workspace and toolbars*: the toolbars are correct when I re-open Rhino†, but the panes and command line always restore to default position and size. What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks for your help!

  • I’ve found the set of commands to save toolbar layout before exiting; I’ve also done it through the Options menu.

† Except for the Main toolbar, which stubbornly insists on re-appearing, docked in default position.

Are you running Rhino as a user with lower privileges? I would suggest try starting Rhino as an administrator, move everything about as you want it, then close Rhino. See if that sticks.

Ah, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be a privileges question - I’m already logged on as an administrator. But I take it this means theoretically panes and command line are part of the workspace as well? The toolbar file saves with no problem - I’d guess then it’s either only writing or only reading part of the layout when it loads?