Save Workspace Rhino 6

Hello togehter;

i have seen that this topic was already discussed, but in the end the last answer was from 2016 that I have had found. So now the question is:
Is ist possible now to save the workspace (toolbars and the whole appearence) into a file, and reopen it on an other computer? That will be great.

Maybe someone can give me an answer.

Best regards, Sascha.

Hi Sacha - the short answer is, no.


Oh ok, that is disappointing. Probably the long answer nobody will understand ;-).
Do you know If it is planed for the next Rhino version?

Hi Sasha,

Have a look here:

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Thanks Pawel,
I’ve already read that. It is a littlebit confusing and afterwards I was not sure if I understood it right.
So thanks again for your answer.