Saving Workspace Arrangement

Hi guys,

Im in the corona situation where I do 50% of my work from home and 50% at the office, hence i plug and play my computer at home and at the office - with two different screen setups. I have three screens at the office and two screens at home, which is really irritating switching back and forth since the one workspace arrangement doesnt work with the other.

For example I have all my properties/layers/namedviews/extra panels on my third screen at the office, and once I’m home it all collapses into my main monitor and I have to manually place and drag it to my second monitor. Switching from a 1080p to a 1440p is also squeezing all my top panels to two columns instead of one.

Its something I can live with, but it really starts to irritate me now that I have to do this tedious process every time I switch workspace.

My question: is there a way to save and implement two different workspace layouts(placement and arrangement of panels and tools), so I can easily switch between my 1080p/2 screen setup to my 1440p/3 screen setup?

Thanks for the help <3 :slight_smile:

Another problem I have is my tool layout sometime(randomly once a month or so) switches back to default.

This is how i usually have it on my secondary monitor:

And from time to time it gets swiped and im back to default:

Is there a reason why rhino acts like this? I can have a rhino file open with my current interface setup, and then suddenly the new file gets the defaut UI. Very frustrating

McNeel usually says either it’s fine, intended or nothing they can do. This has been a problem since forever and there are many threads on this. Apparently there is nothing that can be done since a UI overhaul is too much work… At least that is the impression I am getting after following this topic - and having similar issues as you - for the last few years.

Just to keep that topic alive…

I raised it several times (since Rhino 5) with no improvement.
With a dual monitor setup it is painful. I fear to change my Rhino window between monitors cause
I’ll have to rearrange (again) my workspace. Even if I don’t, docks are stubborn and keep their places/sizes at 90%. I’ve even dig to save/restore schemes.ini and friends but I hang up. To complicated with multiple instances.

Please McNeel put some time on your docking/window management.


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In Rhino 7.16 - this is still a problem. And not only the arrangement of the layout - also the tabs.

This is my setup and if i’d guess, i would say it resets every fifth time i plug my computer. And every time i plug it in another setup.

Would love if this could be possible to setup like in all the adobe programs. I have one setup for three screens, one for two screen and one for laptop screen. So no matter where I work, what setup I use or what resolution I’m working with - i can easily swich between my saved workspaces.

Hi -

This is being worked on for Rhino 8.

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Can’t wait for it to arrive… this is still getting extremely much on my nerves!

Hi Filip -

I’m hoping that you are thoroughly testing this in the Rhino 8 WIP…