Menus and Multi-monitors

Has there been ANY progress for the disappearing un-docked menus for multi monitor users. this has been going on for a long time now and it is driving me crazy…

No comments from developers so far. This is one of my wishes in V6. I hope they can see how convenient it would be.


They are very accepting of the more cerebral issues, but have failed to positively respond to this very time consuming bug or lack of Saveable Workspace Function.

For myself the window panels that I stack and organize on my second monitor, are lost after a crash (which does happen) and randomly about 10-15% of the time when I am switching my opening choice from a Recent file to a New file.

I hope they see the light, as time is always money when working with Rhino, and waisted time is as you would expect.


So far, I can not duplicate this.
I have Rhino V5 running on my primary monitor.
I have a panel container including Properties, Layers, and Display floating on a secondary monitor. I also have the Help panel floating independently on the secondary monitor.

I’m running an Nvidia GeForce 750M card and the second monitor is connected through an HDMI cable.

What are you doing differently?

I am running Bootcamp on a Mac Pro 2 x 2.93 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon, which uses Rhino for windows (7) at 64 bit. And works well I might add.

My graphics card is a ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024 MB. Which drives 3 Samsung 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz monitors over a Apple Mini DisplayPort To Dual-Link DVI Adapter(s).

I have to say that since removing version 4 of Rhino from the system, and redoing the version 5 install which includes Bongo and Flamingo, that the crashes are few.

But the programs memory for the location of its panels is still at issue, Adding that I would like to save several versions of the panels I have organized in my second monitor for different stages of production.


That is a great suggestion: a workspace / toolbar arrangement / all-settings universal UI save file. Everything in one simple file, so I could copy into a new computer (or fresh install) and BINGO! Ready to work.

I would prefer using a command that can call out the command bar. (Which is the thing I was talking about) After Rhino crashes, users can simply type command and drag the command bar to the secondary monitor; however, the best solution would be command bar is embedded in flowing windows. For those menu bars, it’s better type a command and call them out. In this way, I think your issue is solved. No? Or maybe export options (interface) for flowing windows? haha…


Hi John, I use Matrox TH2go but if You look in the forum for related issues some users have dual monitors on multi output vid cards. I remember reading about this problem long ago (undocked menus) but if irc it had nothing to do with McNeel or any other software? It may be a windows issue but I can’t remember. The ole gray matter aint what she used to be!

Looks like this thread has been hijacked into a completely different subject.
Back to toolbars and menus on secondary monitors…

No one here has that display set up.
What happens if you temporarily change your setup to two monitors?

As I recall, the problem we ran into before turned out to be buggy video drivers causing this, but they weren’t running Bootcamp Macs.

Can you please take a screenshot of your Rhino Options - View - OpenGL page settings and post it in a reply?



Here are the OpenGL page settings you requested:

It looks like there is a slightly newer driver for the Radeon HD 5800

I doubt that will make any difference but you might consider it.

I wish I could be of more help.


Could you suggest a system and graphic card choice that would be ideal for Rhino. I run both Mac and Windows machines, and some of the Macs run windows under Bootcamp. However I have dedicated Windows computers mostly for the CNC equipment I run.

Dave Schultze suggests (Rhino 5 Essential Training) The Dell Precision Line, 64 bit Windows 7 or 8, a minimum of 16 gigs of ram, Graphic card: Nvidia Quadro K series…

Thank you for your help.

After further research, I am finding you an get by with a less expensive video card due to the way Rhino is using OpenGL video cards. For new systems, I am liking the PNY Quadro K600 for only $160 at NewEgg. It has 1 GB vRAM, 192 CUDA cores for GPU / real-time rendering and will drive two 27 inch monitors easily.

If you need larger monitors and more GPU power (3 GB vRAM, 768 CUDA cores) I would go with the PNY Quadro K4000 for $760 at NewEgg. Anything faster than this card gives you 10-20% imprvement for a doubling of price …not worth it for me.

My latest workstation was from Xi Computer They are not as well-known as Dell but, if you know what you want, they are the best I have seen for customization AND lower prices. I am now using dual 10-core CPUs (20 total) and is at least $1-2K cheaper than the Dell equivalent. Windows 8.1 is very stable an surprisingly nice to use, plus its the future, so just get it.


Thanks for your reply… Is there a Rhino Specific Test, that I could use to compare the results from different graphic cards?
I have found only one" Testmaxspeed" which is a very detailed model of a bike (it came with no explanation on how to time it).
There is this page- which makes a vague comparison…

Or this page: which reports user results, with no direct comparison.

And this Graphic test application, that is in beta testing and shows no results:

Any insight would be appreciated.


Hi Greg-


Hi and thank you Pascal,

Its still in Beta Testing and they have removed the results and previous application “Holomark 1”.


Just drop a note to @Holo. Once Jørgen has put his kids to bed, I’m sure he’ll be back behind his PC :wink:

You know me too well… :smile:

I just sent out the beta 2 to a few users to see if the new code would run properly, and it does, so I’ll now send it out to the other Beta 1 testers and then I’ll release it to the public.

I have not made it so it recognizes multiple graphiccards, and I am not sure I will have time to do so for a while. So I presume I’ll release it as it is.

I’ll update the score chart tonight and send you’ll a link.

please use instead, MUCH easer to remember!

Menus keep disappearing. Command Prompt vanishes daily along with the others less regularly.
As far as the problem being with GPUs and multiple monitors I can only add my own experience.
Regularly I am working on larger files. 1-2 gb. on average.
The problem was persistent when running 4 Quadro K2200’s and continues now running a single GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and a single Quadro K2200 across 2 Dell U2715H monitors.

Windows 10, Boxx Apex 4 custom config. Everything “up to date.”