Saving without a license

My free evaluation rhino license just expired today and I didn’t realize it until after I’d already done a days worth of work. I purchased a license but it says my order will take 2 business days. I’m a student with a project due on Monday and I’m kind of freaking out. Is there any way I can save my work without a license??

@Alex_Luckey , I’m afraid you won’t be able to save until you receive your licence. Then, you can install the licence without closing Rhino , go to Rhinoceros>Preferences>Licences

We completed Alex Luckey’s order on November 30, at 8:12 am Pacific time.
The order arrived over the weekend and it was processed as soon as we
opened on Monday.

Note: this is an absolute last resort: If you select everything and copy it to the clipboard before you proceed. If all else fails, you *may *be to open a new Rhino document, set the Units the same, and paste it all in. Obviously, Rhino will warn you that you’ve left a large amount of stuff in the cut/paste buffers, that you don’t want to clear until you know that all is well.

@Brenda: Have you tried that?

Actually, done in the right order, it works, but once again, it is only a last bit of insurance.

In other words: As long as the memory exists, and your computer is reliable, you should be able copy everything to the clipboard before the upgrade/activation. If something went wrong, you may be able to paste it all in a new document, well, as long as the copy/paste hasn’t been nerfed for the demo.

I did a copy, close, open, paste with this:
“14 Point lights, 1302 block instances, 16 extrusions, 125 points, 135 curves, 92 polysurfaces, 18 surfaces added to selection.”

Although, I do have 24GB of memory, and absolutely no virtual memory going. If I didn’t disable it, the hard drive would likely grind for a while.

Windows virtual memory management is foolish. I cannot believe that it will use virtual memory when there is plenty of physical memory to spare.